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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s supersets!


Sorry… I couldn’t resist, even though my husband just rolled his eyes at me.

For this week’s blog, I wanted to get further into the Forever Fit Life training style. If you haven’t read my previous blog post titled “Get to Know the Forever Fit Training Style,” I highly recommend you give it a read! In that post, I give an overview of my training style. In this post, I want to take things further and highlight one of the important training methods that I mention in the overview. That method is the utilization of what are called supersets. Supersets are when two separate exercises are performed back to back with little to no rest between them. There are various forms of supersets, for example; agonist-antagonist supersets where 2 opposing muscle/muscle groups are paired, compound supersets where two compound exercises are paired, and my personal favorite, pre-fatigue or post-fatigue isolation supersets where a compound exercise is paired with an isolation exercise working the same muscle or muscle group and is performed either before or after the compound exercise.

Why do I include supersets in my training programs? One of the main reasons is that studies show that supersets lead to more calories burned per minute. In one study, when compared to the same workout without supersets, the superset group not only burned more calories per minute, but also had statistically significant greater EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) AKA, afterburn. This is important when we are wanting to maximize metabolism. It should be noted that the group not performing supersets were able to work out longer so the total calories burned was almost as much as the superset group, but it took them a lot longer to get there. I don’t know about you, but I need my workouts effective and EFFICENT! This busy mama cannot spend hours working out like I could pre-babies. Supersets allow me to get just as effective (and an arguably better) of a burn in much less time. Additionally, supersets may allow for better gains in the setting of home workouts. In order for a muscle to get stronger and grow, it needs to be pushed to the point that the body believes that it needs to build that muscle up in order to do what is asked of it. It needs to be pushed to near or actual failure. This often can take heavier weights, especially for larger muscle groups like the legs. Supersets are useful for ensuring that the target muscles reach failure, without the use of very heavy weights. This is especially helpful when you do not have a spotter (to make going very heavy safe) or when you have limited equipment available to you, like in home workouts!

So, what is the take away? Supersets lend to a highly efficient and effective workout!

Do you use supersets in your training? Comment below!

Are you looking for a workout program that uses science backed methods like this? Check out the Forever Fit Tribe membership!

Forever Yours In Health,



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