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Healthy Living

Emalee Corbera

I am a wife and the proud mother to my beautiful and very active 3 year olld and infant daughters!

I am a double board-certified Nurse Practitioner (Family Practice & Advanced Diabetes Management) and a NASM certified personal trainer. I also am a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist.  I have worked in Healthcare for over 18 years and I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. This passion is what drove me to create Forever Fit Life!

Every day I see people stuck in vicious cycles of poor diet, lack of exercise, sabotaging lifestyle patterns and attitudes that are spiraling out of control and stealing their health and happiness. 
Many of us feel trapped and lack the tools to stop these damaging cycles and reclaim control.  As a society, we have normalized poor nutrition and high stress, sedentary lifestyles so it is difficult for us to see
just how unnatural and destructive these patterns are. 
Our health is the most priceless possession we have.  We are given one body, one mind and one spirit.

This is your FOREVER HOME.  Let’s take the actions necessary to create an environment in body, mind and spirit that will cultivate a life that is fulfilling, happy, healthy and whole. 

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